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Home appliances do wear out and need some replacing after their lifespan ends, but a little care can keep them longer than you expect. Well-maintained high quality appliances actually use less energy, need fewer repairs, and last much longer.

You can make small steps to extend the life of appliances by a few months—or even a year.

Here are some ways to make your appliances work better and, hopefully, longer:

Refrigerator (Average Lifespan: 13 Years)

The refrigerator’s gaskets or the rubber strip seal between the door and the fridge keep the cool air inside. Make sure these rubbers stay elastic—simply wipe them clean from dust, crumbs, and spills, and then coat them with a thin film of petroleum jelly.

Clean the refrigerator coils behind, too. Dust and dirt around them will only make the appliance work harder. It may shorten its life, or it may overheat and potentially break down.

Dishwasher (Ave. Lifespan: 9 Years)

Much like the refrigerator, a problem gasket will prevent your dishwasher from operating efficiently. Clean it with soap and water for a watertight seal. If the machine has a removable filter, remove food particles or other goop in it. Also, try to fix and touch up rusty and cracked prongs on the dishwasher racks.

Washing Machine (Ave. Lifespan: 10 Years)

The biggest, simplest, but often ignored way to take care of your washing machine is to not overload it. Yes, it’s that simple. Clothes should be able to move freely during the cycle. If you put too much clothes, the machine will need more energy to move them around. This will only stress the motor, belts, and other parts of the washing machine.

Microwave Oven (Ave. Lifespan: 9 Years)

Food spills can stick inside your microwave oven. This can cause the machine to work less efficiently. Clogged vent hood filters (the “screen” in front) will also leave smoke and odors in your kitchen.

Wipe the inside and outside of the microwave regularly with a damp cloth. Also, remove grease on the vent hood filters by removing them and soaking them in soapy water.

Gas Range (Ave. Lifespan: 13 Years)

Spills can block the gas burner’s ports (the holes where gas comes through), which can prevent it from igniting. Simply use a sewing needle or paper clip to poke through the burner ports. Soak the caps and rings in soap and water to remove food particles. Wipe down glass tops regularly as well.

Finally, for all major appliances, fix the minor problems before they become a bigger issue. A quick annual cleaning can extend the life of just about any home appliance, too.

Most of all, if you really want long-lasting home appliances, don’t grab the cheapest one you see in other stores. Buy appliances with investment in mind—look for high quality branded home appliances.

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