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Buy Android TVs in the Philippines Online and Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Have you ever felt like switching content playing on your phone to your TV screen? Some mobile phones allow casting your screen to the TV, but this arrangement requires having your phone near the TV while viewing. Fortunately, there is the Android TV.

How do Android TVs operate?

Android TV is a software version of the Android operating system designed for televisions. Retailers refer to televisions running the operating system as Android TVs.
Anson’s is the top choice for anyone looking to buy Android TVs online in the Philippines. We have a range of Full HD, Ultra HD, and 4K TVs from manufacturers like Skyworth, Sharp, and TCL.

Stay connected with all of your favorite apps

With your Android TV, you’ll have access to applications such as the Google Play Store (for apps and games) and Google Assistant (for voice commands). Through the app store, you can download and use apps for popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.
So, how is an Android TV different from other smart TVs?

Some smart TV manufacturers choose to outfit their units with custom software. The key difference is software reach.
However, there’s scant developer support for these systems. As a result, you could end up with a smart TV you’ll need to replace just to get a new update to your favorite streaming apps.

With an Android TV, you never have to worry about keeping your apps up to date or finding the latest games.
Shop Android TVs online in the Philippines today with Anson’s.

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