About Us

Anson’s is the leading premium appliance and electronics store in the Philippines. With branches strategically located all over Metro Manila Philippines, Anson’s offers customers a unique and enjoyable shopping experience through modern and interactive product displays, showrooms in its stores and online appliance store.

Anson’s has the widest variety of product categories and brands to cater to every appliance and electronics needs, from Video/Audio Entertainment, Household and Kitchen, Information Technology, Mobile Communications, Digital Imaging, to Beauty and Wellness, Home Furnishings and select Hardware Equipment.

Anson’s features a wide selection of brands per category to serve every market segment.

At the heart of it all is the Anson’s experience of a dynamic and service oriented shopping provided by skilled and attentive personnel. Customers keep coming back to Anson’s for the unique value for money, customer attention, and hassle free service that is hard to find nowadays. After more than four decades, Anson’s continues to grow and satisfy more and more customers.