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Buy NanoCell TVs in the Philippines Online for True Color Fidelity

Are you looking for a powerful TV you can trust to deliver crisp, clear, and highly vivid images? Buy a NanoCell TV.

This proprietary LG technology adds a layer of color filter over an LCD panel. The added panel improves the color depth of a television’s imagery, delivering more vivid tones.

Get high quality pictures with every viewing

Beyond delivering vivid colors devoid of impure color waves, LG NanoCell TVs guarantee high-quality viewing from every angle. The Nano layer combined with the in-plane switching (IPS) technology ensures you can view video content from any part of the room without missing out on any details.

The NanoCell technology also gives you a TV with an exceptionally fast response time. You don’t have to worry about motion blur when watching fast-paced content. Whether you’re watching Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson thrash supercars on Fast and Furious or watching Lewis Hamilton win yet another title, you’re sure of a super comfortable viewing experience.

The NanoCell TVs also have powerful built-in speakers, so you can watch your favorite shows and flicks without connecting to your home’s sound system.

An exclusive LG product available in various sizes

At Anson’s, we have NanoCell TVs of all sizes for sale in the Philippines. Only LG products feature the technology because the company is yet to license it out to other manufacturers. However, it produces these TVs in different sizes, ranging from 50 to 75 inches.

Find your preferred NanoCell TV online in the Philippines today, and we’ll bring it to your doorstep in Metro Manila!

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