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We see a new smartphone hit the shelves almost every month. Given how many new phones make the headlines each year, it has become quite confusing to find the right gadget.

Fortunately, you can make the whole shopping experience easier. As long as you observe these five criteria, you’ll surely find the perfect phone for you.

Fast Processor

Processing power is number one. Just like a laptop or a desktop, the last thing you want is a phone that hangs or lags. For good measure, get a phone with a fast quadcore processor. This would work great for basic functions, as well as some heavy usage.

Octacore processors are okay, but at the moment, there really isn’t that much need for this many cores. After all, only a few apps would use the other six or seven cores you wouldn’t normally be using.

Sizable ROM and RAM

RAM is something you cannot skimp on when it comes to smartphones. Going for phones with low RAM (512 MB and below) would make it difficult for you to use heavy social apps and games. Ideally, your RAM should be at least 1GB for smooth, basic usage. Power users willneed at least 2GB.

For the internal memory, 4GB is pretty basic. Anything lower than that would be hard to manage, even with a 64GB SD card. 8GB would work perfectly for the average user.

Good Display

In terms of display, you have to consider the pixel density. The larger the number (e.g. 260 ppi), the clearer the display will be. If you’re into mobile gaming, buy a phone that has a decent graphics chip.

Also, how large is the screen? Larger screens consume more data and enlarge the form factor, but at least it has more pixels for all those movies you watch and games you play.

Decent Camera

Cameras have become a necessity for phones. A 5MP rear sensor would be fine, although it’s better to go higher than that. If selfies are your thing, make sure you have a front camera that has at least a 2MP sensor. Flash is situational, but if you shoot in dark environments quite often, get a phone with one.

Reasonable Price

The last point is, of course, the price. Be sure to compare brands and models before buying, so that you’ll land a good deal.

Comparison is essential to make sure you’re buying the right phone. And that’s where Anson’s steps in. We have a range of smartphones in our inventory, so you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. Visit one of our branches today to start shopping, or contact us for any question.

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