Face-off: HD vs. Smart TV 1

Torn between HDTV and Smart TV? Here are the basic features to help buyers.


High-definition television has been around since 1998. Its selling feature back then was the size, superior resolution and digital surround sound. Previous TV versions cannot maximize the widescreen format for films. HDTV seamlessly accommodates this viewing experience that makes it the number one must-have of any movie buff that has a dedicated entertainment room. Yes, the screen can be as big as 150 inches and must be allocated a room of its own for better viewing.

HDTV can be classified into a few categories according to slightly different features:

  • Direct-view uses a cathode-ray-tube (CRT) and a scanning electronic gun that paints the image on a phosphor-coated screen.
  • Plasma uses plasma or gas with the atoms of xenon and neon and particles of both negative and positive charges that collide to create a picture.
  • Rear Screen uses CRT to display high resolution images on a projection screen.
  • Front Screen Projection works like the rear screen TV except that a separate device projects the image in front of the screen.

Smart TV

Smart TV or connected TV is, technically, a portable device set with internet connection capability. Users can install streaming apps and synced with multiple devices. For fans of streaming, smart TV enables users to watch as they would in mobile phones, tablets and computer devices — only above the 30-inch screen size.

Smart TV can run operating systems or mobile OS for more advanced plug-ins and add-ons. The other cool features of the more recent smart TV models include speech recognition, natural user interface technologies for navigation controls and spatial gesture input for those playing with Xbox Kinect.

The Verdict

Both HD and smart TV have attributes that will suit anyone’s preference and lifestyle. The determining factor would be whether if one prefers to multi-task as smart TV allows multi-screen or if one wants to have the cinema experience in the comfort of their home.

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  1. This is indeed a good comparison, between HD and smart tv . Quite useful while building the best home theater.

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