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LG Twin Wash Washing Machines

Improve Your Laundry Routine with LG’s TWINWash Washer & Dryer Combo Appliance

The latest washing machines make doing laundry in the Philippines a breeze, and LG’s TWINWash combo washer and dryer is one of the best appliances for your home.

This space-saving unit helps you cut down on energy costs and water usage with its smart EcoHybrid technology. There are 15 different wash programs for you to wash loads of all colors, sizes, and fabrics, making it perfect for large families with children.

LG’s TWINWash Cleaning Capabilities

You can purchase a TWINWash washing machine from the Philippines online at Anson’s. These advanced appliances make washing and drying clothes simple by running two wash cycles simultaneously.

The unique TWINWash Mini sits below the main washing section and can help you get double the number of clothes cleaned faster.

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With smartphone monitoring, you don’t have to get up and check when your laundry is done or change settings.

If you’re leaving the house, you can start a load of laundry and view its progress before you arrive home. You also won’t have to bend and strain your body due to the accessible high door.

An LG TWINWash washer offers minimal vibration and makes less noise than other units. It cleans fabrics thoroughly with its allergy-reducing technology and beneficial features, all in one beautiful appliance. Save time and money and clean more clothes in under an hour when you buy LG’s TWINWash online from the Philippines at Anson’s.

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