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Korean technological conglomerate Samsung has been on the forefront of mobile innovation for a few years now. Employing Google’s mobile software Android, they collaborate in creating simple but beautiful interfaces on all of Samsung’s smartphones.

Released alongside the S5, the Galaxy Note 4 is becoming the cornerstone of mobile technology. The S5 was prized for its water and dust-proof properties, but the Note 4 defines the quintessential smartphone and meets every function, efficiency and design need.

1. Unmatched Screen and Display

When other mobile companies were racing to create a small, uber-packed phones, little did they know that the industry will revert to the “big is better” tradition. The Note 4’s 5.7” screen is one of the biggest in the market that you can still hold firm and steadily and its Super AMOLED display is stunning to behold.

2. Near-Professional Camera Features

The Note 4 a camera that is purposely built for a camera. In a much clearer explanation, its capabilities blow other cameras out of the water. The 16-megapixel, OIS-equipped moment-grabber produces pictures with rich tones, defined edges and crisp details. This phone’s camera is that good that it is a preferable substitute for middle-grade mirrorless cameras.

3. Gaming PC-Grade RAM

Having a 2 GB of RAM in laptops is good enough to run the most demanding video editing software or games. So, what can a 3 GB of memory do for a smartphone? It lets someone multitask and run several apps simultaneously and seamlessly. All that packed in a 176-gram smartphone.

4. Battery Life for Ages

One thing most people yearn for is the return of enduring battery power lost in old 32-bit phones. In the Note 4, it returns, in a sense. Its battery, a 3200mah pack, can retain 30% after a day of moderate to heavy use. Moreover, it has an Ultra Power Saving Mode, which strips down the features to a bare minimum and allows the phone to last for days. 50% of charge lasts for 6 days in UPS mode.

5. The S Pen

The rise of touch screen-capable smart phones basically put an end to the stylus. People were much comfortable using their own fingers than relying on a pen-like object. The S Pen, however, is bringing the retro back. Combined with the Note 4’s Gesture and Air View capabilities, it is a step towards the future of operating mobile phones.

Overall, there’s no other phone in the market that can stand with the Note 4. For more information and to browse for other electronics, browse our mobile products selection. At Anson’s we offer the good life at a great price.

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