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Air conditioners are the candies of the appliance world; they all essentially do the same thing, but there are so many different types and features that anyone’s head will start spinning counting them all. It’s not the manufacturers fault, though. They are simply trying to fill the needs of different kinds of people, and that includes accounting for every situation possible. The question, then, becomes this: “which air conditioner did the manufacturers build when they were thinking of me?”

There are several things manufacturers take into account when designing and building an air conditioner. Some units prioritize certain aspects over others, and knowing which aspects apply to the needs of the home is the key to finding the perfect air conditioner. These aspects include safety, energy efficiency, space, type, and electrical requirements.

Square Hole, Round Peg

The easiest factor to determine should be space and size; anyone looking for air conditioners should be able to tell at a glance whether a unit is too big or small for their home. The length and the width of the air conditioner should fit wherever the owners plan to put it in order for it to work properly.

If the unit is misaligned in any way, it could affect the internal systems and make it susceptible to damage. Air conditioners are sturdy, but they are not indestructible. Hammer them into too tight a space, and they will break.

Powerful Design

The next consideration is unit type; portable, ducted split, and built-in air conditioners. Deciding which of these types to get will require you to think about space and function. The only hard decision to make is whether to get the ducted split or the built-in, since they look the same.

The ducted split system is a type of air conditioner designed for multiple or large rooms. The two part units allow it to generate more power, and more cooling for the people who need it. On the other hand, while built-in air conditioners are more powerful than portables; they are made to cool just single rooms.

It’s never an easy task to choose an appliance, since people need to live with that choice for a long time after it’s made. Let us help make that choice easier, contact us today and get as much information on our products as you could possibly want. You could also visit any of our locations and our team will be glad to help.

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